Fairytale Blues I - Astral Nights Galactic Days

by Bob Ebeling

Never Ending 05:57
run across this warm summer evening diving into new believing swim across the midnite blue shining kingdom golden light never ending travelling thru on a ship from the blue for your heart circle eternal love's embrace for your soul for your life for your love
the moon is oh so serious as severe as these midnite nerves so nice of you to volunteer so nice of you to be here i only create upside down your little fuss face hanging around you look so tired i'm exhausted too we'll sleep in to the afternoon tonite i'm aghast shadows are my host cold wind takes my coat they lead me thru the foyer at the table strike a toast 'to all that was before for less and even more here's to your head full of ghosts they're all visiting right now like the ash swan burnin' down how can sweet love's river still stay sweet? how can you and me ever be redeemed? when suddenly woe is unto us on our first night to only end what we find if we should singe death what we save for our dying breath


For Bob Ebeling Complexities Abound

Born in 1970 in Romeo, Michigan, Bob grew up next door to his grandparents in a post WW2 industrial success. Snowmobiles in snow-dream winters, pool parties all summer long. Sledding on Church Hill and at The Cliffs during the late 70s winters.

Dad built a brand new house in the village, the domain of exploratory studies became the smooth cement floored basement. Rollerskating, ping pong, pool table, Sears 'suitcase' stereo with record player and swivel hinge speakers planted right behind the drum set, upright piano painted vivid green.
Drumming along to ELO, Rush and Journey records became obsession as dreams of making records exploded into a vivid ballet of imagination. Mom stoked the fire with a dozen carefully selected new vinyl LPs every Christmas.

At church on Sundays and choir practice on Wednesday nights, sneaking off to one of the pianos to discover an ear blessed with relative pitch combined with a semi-photographic memory for music-- hundreds of songs figured out by ear, no lessons, second-nature as it was. This natural aptitude lead to a policy of self-protection in music theory areas, 'don't want to know'. The first big live performance playing drums along with the choir at the Christmas concert in 1979. The High School auditorium was filled and it felt like Carnegie Hall to a 9 year old kid playing his 4 piece Camco jazz combo kit.

A willingness to work, a need to fund the expanding obsession to make great albums. On a K-Mart grade portable cassette machine started to make sound on sound recordings, the machine not designed so. Recording compositions played on piano while singing. Designing a top ten feature show full of these little motifs.

Recording songs off Detroit FM rock radio, saving for and buying a Panasonic dual cassette jam box-- the art of sequencing took off-- to tell the story on a deeper level but really just an innate sense that rewarded practice.

ELO 'Out Of The Blue' in 1978. First at store with the $13+ day of release. Dad stopped off at the little Romeo record store down next to the Two Dragons Chinese restaurant and bought ELO's 'New World Record'. It's 1976 and your mind is about to be permanently blown. Side 2 played first, 'So Fine\Livin' Thing', WHAM.

Now start writing songs and turning 2nd grade classmates into band mates. Dale Wilson brings his guitar and amp over and the jam sessions and scheming in the basement at 344 Chandler St. never ends.

Time goes by, doobies get smoked...

Meeting musicians, networking, orchestrating concept music. Join forces with Kid Rock in 1992, partner up with Al Sutton in 1997, build Rustbelt Studios and engineer hundreds of sessions, with Remy Zero, Eminem, building epic concept albums until the sun rises..

Get a Grammy Nomination for Album of the Year..
Move to NYC and work with Phish, Rufus Wainwright, Dead Meadow, Jeff Brodnax. Record your own latest opus partly in England with Flood and Alan Moulder, back home in Manhattan, work exclusively with the keeper of the flame of hi-fi, Paul Logus.

Be a unique and present talent in atmospheric mixing, complex major minor chord relationships, deep seeking experiments leading to singular experience, as the vessel of the Holy Spirit, expertly capture, manipulate, deal in the moment, push the boundaries, explore odd time signatures that groove, explore orchestration with vintage synths and keyboards, cool is second nature, breathing.

Use only the greatest recording gear ever made-- Helios, Pultec, Trident, AKG, Neumann, Coping is tone based-- 1929 Martin or 1939 Gibson. 1963 Vox AC30 or 1967 Marshall plexi. Ludwig, Gretsch, rare snare, Turkish Zildjians, Paiste 602s. Pre-CBS Precision,
Tone is the pure art religion.

Songwriting is breathing-- explored with experience, applied living, constantly hone compositions-- notebooks of lyrics filled developing an elegant atmospheric aesthetic. A song is rather not a dash of present vibe but an extension of the vessel. A large scale sweeping epic which places one inside-most the world of the creator.

In this not easily categorized music one finds an obsessed artist--a lifelong devotee to spacious melodic bittersweet and truthful, highly layered compositions. Atmospheric minimalism juxtaposes overarching melody, rhythmic complexity rooted in Ringo type lazy pocket beats, for Bob Ebeling complexities abound.


Bob's musical output so far can be seen in 6 full length releases;
Ebeling Hughes launched in 1993 with Charles Hughes. Cult status records 'The Little Bugs Glow' 1996 Rustbelt Records, 'Transfigured Night' 1998 Zero Hour Records, 'EH3' 2002 independently released.
Solo record 'Head Full Of Ghosts' 2002 independently released.
Baker launched with Mark Ephraim, 'Live Free Or Die' 2002 independently released. Downtown launched with Eric Brendo, self-titled LP 2004 Coup-De-Grace Records.


releases January 1, 2021


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